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Tiffani Gyatso is a Brazilian artist born in 1981. She studied graphic design in Munich, Germany and later specialized in Thangka Painting (Tibetan Buddhist Art). She was introduced to sacred arts at the Gandam monastery in Mongolia and completed her studies at the Norbulingka Institute, in India (2003-06). In 2016/17/19 she enrolled in several courses in sacred geometry and Islamic patterns at the Prince School (PSTA) in London, UK.

From 2007 to 2012 she undertook the large-scale project to paint a complete Tibetan temple (CEBB) in traditional form in south of Brazil. She teaches Thangka painting since 2006 all over Brazil and South America, opening in 2016 the first school and art retreat in Brazil dedicated to this art form, the Atelier YabYum

She also develops her own contemporary art based on the intuitive and contemplative process, a lot with horse figures, which since a child has been part of her life and the main symbol which inspired her to start painting. She exhibited her contemporary works several times in Brazil and New York. 

Published the book “Life and Thangka” and writes to the Buddhist Door magazine. 

Since 2013, annually guides art groups to India and Nepal. By mid of 2017, she co-founded the Mystic Art Retreats (​


She works today at her studio Atelier YabYum at the inner state of São Paulo and teaches all over the country and South America. She lectures traditional thangka painting and also gives Immersions on Creative art, self expressions and Art therapy groups which she developed based in body awareness, movement and contemplative arts.



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- October 2015, "Sublime Worlds", duo show, Tibet House Gallery, New York, USA.

​- August 2015, "Onde Anda a Onda", group exhibition at the National Museum, Brasilia, DF, Brazil.

​- November 2014, "Mundos Suspensos", solo exhibition at Materia Plastica gallery, Brasilia, DF, Brazil.

​- April 2014, "Inactu" group exhibition at the UNB gallery, Brasilia.

​- Junho 2012, "Mystic Nostalgia", solo exhibition, Tibet House Gallery, New York, USA.

​- February 2010, "ENTRElaçados", solo exhibition at Saiko, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.

​- December 2009, "Um Outro Olhar", group exhibition, Shopping Bourbon Country, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. 

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