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To the Lotus Guru at the Tiger’s Nest

Sept. 16 - 28, 2023

Dharamsala Extension:  Sept.28 - Oct.6


An external and interior journey into the Tantric iconography of Buddhism

Bhutan & India

Art Trip - Thangka Sacred Arts at the

Himalaya’s feet with Tiffani Gyatso

produced by Mystic Art Retreats.


To the Lotus Guru at the Tiger’s Nest
Sacred Art & Soul Journey

Mystical Bhutan, is amidst rugged mountains high in the Himalayas, boasts beauty, art, ancient and untouched Buddhist temples embraced by profound peacefulness. It is here that legend holds that a great Tibetan Yogini, Yeshi Tsogyal transformed herself into a tigress and carried Guru Rimpoche (Padmasabhava) on her back from Tibet to the present location of the Taktsang in Bhutan. In one of the caves here, the Guru then performed meditation and manifested in “the terrifying wrathful form of crazy wisdom”, binding worldly spirits under oath to protect the terma treasures and serve the Dharma. Then he was known as Dorje Drolö, ‘Wild Wrathful Wisdom” and the place became holy. This holy and most famous place in Bhutan is called the “Tiger's Nest”. 


It is to the Tiger Nest where the Lotus Guru emanated his blessings that I would like to take you. Bhutan always occupied my dreams as an unreachable magical place and still today the entry of tourists is very controlled and conditioned making the journey definitely unique and exceptional. Being so well preserved, visitors can experience authentic representation of Tibetan Buddhist art of the Tantric tradition, Vajrayana. We will visit the most exemplary monasteries and understand the power of transcendence that vajrayana lays in art depicted in thangkas, murals, statues and altars. Our dates coincides with two amazing Festival. The annual Tamzhing Phala Choepa held at the Tamzhing monastery in Bumthang is a festival associated with the construction of the monastery in the 16th century by Terton Pema Lingpa and his protecting deity, Dorje Phagmo or the Diamond Sow. The dancers move in unison as they perform the Khandroi Gar Cham or the dance of the Dakinis in precise choreography. With soothing sound of Damaru and Drilbu, there is a feeling of complete calmness about the place. We will also witness the Thimphu Drubchen, one-day festival performed at the Thimphu Tashichho Dzong. The Dromchey showcases the sacred masked dance dedicated to the protecting deity of Bhutan, Palden Lhamo. It was first introduced by Kuenga Gyeltshen in 1710 when he had visions of the Buddhist goddess Palden Lhamo performing amazing dances before his eyes while he was meditating.


I am a thangka painter specialized in Tibetan Iconography at the Norbulingka Institute in India, where this journey will start (2 days) where I'll have the brief chance to show a little of India before we ride the dragon to Bhutan. For the last 20 years I have dedicated my life to sacred arts (Tibet, India and the Middle East arts) teaching and producing art murals as well as cultural and art guide to India, Nepal and now the so dreamed Bhutan which I will have the greatest joy to go holding your hands to witness the awakening of your soul with the dragon roar reaching the core of your heart.


Our accommodations are hand picked, because we know how precious this journey is. We will visit temples and monasteries, textile, painting and paper local workshops, monk chants, raw incense fragrances, wild nature, colorful markets, mountain ranges, tea plantations and even a traditional hot stone bath and every day delicious food. But most of all we will experience in this small group (not more than 10 to 12 people), is ourselves in amazement. When we open ourselves to a new experience so different to our daily life, a kind of alchemy happens, like adding straw to the fire in our hearts. The fire that illuminates the purpose and motivation to be in this so brief life and strengthen the intention to cultivate bodhicitta and benefit as much as possible, where obstacles that might emerge are blessings to our path, teaching and rising our fire with passion and wisdom, being guided by love and virtue and if possible with beauty, art and dance. This is where I like to take you. So come, dance with me! 

*** Optional extension to Dharamsala from the 28th to Oct.6th and Agra from the 7th to the 9yh with Tiffani Gyatso. Dharamsala is the seat of H.H the Dalai Lama in exile and his people with various important monasteries, temples and Institute of Art and Tibetan Medicine. Download the PDF for detailed itinerary and contact for the price. 


Brief Itinerary


For optional Dharamsala and Agra extension, click HERE




- Bhutan visa

- Pick up at Delhi Airport

- All accommodations in 3 to 4 star hotels

- * All twin share occupancy

- All Meals

- Driver to all excursions

- 2 flights (Delhi to Paro. Paro to Delhi)

- US$2000 tourist fee to Bhutanese government

- All entry fees

- Specialized guidance with Tiffani Gyatso


- International flight from your home to New Delhi (though we can assist you in finding the best flight)

- Travel Insurance

- Indian eVisa

- Drinks and Meals not mentioned 

- Tips (normally group add some amount for common tips given to main guide to administrate and each one also saves some extra for independent tipping) 

See HERE our Trip TIPS

Cost and Registration

BHUTAN : Sept. 16th to 28th, 2023

Total: US$ 5.800

Dharamsala + Taj Mahal (optional) extension:

US1.900 - 2.200 (depending on choice of accommodation

Group Limited to 12 people.

English and Portuguese (Brazil) speaking joyfully mixed! And translated

Some questions or thoughts on our program?

Lets talk on zoom, just send an e-mail directly to

Tiffani at:

Confirmation via deposit of US$3000 (dollars) in advance to Bank of India in the name of Mukul Purohit. More details to be provided by Mukul Purohit / Tiffani Gyatso. The remaining US$2800 get in contact to know the options available. 


*To confirm or if there are any questions or for further clarification, contact us and request a zoom call with no compromises with Tiffani, by email:


India Whatsapp: +91 98101 15366


Due to the nature of the tour and dynamics associated with the Bhutan visa and fee policy, advance is non-refundable. If for greater forces the trip cannot happen, in such case then all investment will be reimbursed.



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