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July3 th - 10th, 2022

Frigiliana, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain.

A one-week retreat in one of the most beautiful private houses near Malaga, the birth place of Picasso. We will draw mandalas inspired by the Alhambra Palace and dance the songs of the Tablao, awakening the gypsy soul in our hearts and rejoice in pure celebration, art, dance, music, culture and new friends with the Russian dancer Victoria Ivanova and Brazilian artist Tiffani Gyatso.

"Love overcomes,  love delights, those who live the Sacred Heart rejoice!"

In this week-long retreat we are going to learn the principles of sacred geometry art, using a compass and ruler with  the International artist Tiffani Gyatso, being inspired by the local architecture left behind by the Islamic Impere in one of the most magical palaces, heritage of UNESCO, the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.

We will invite you to take a step forward the surface of paper to bring that principle of harmony into our body, understanding our place in space where the  music of our heart plays right in the center of our being shining to all directions. We will move, dance, feel the mandala alive restoring the inner coolness and  fire with the invitation of well known dancer, Victoria Inanova.


Expect to: 

  • Stay in a very special and charming vila "Little  Alhambra" exclusively for us

  • Short day trips to Malaga and Granada, the jewels of Andalusia, in South of Spain

  • Short trips to the charming towns of Frijiliana and Nerja

  • Visit to the Alhambra, UNESCO heritage

  • A real treat at a traditional baño in the luxurious Hamman spa

  • Watch a traditional Flamenco Tablao show

  • Draw and dance mandalas from zero to a thousand stars with the secret rules of sacred geometry formulas, inspired by the local Arabic murals and culture.

  • Learn how to place your body in life and how you can be present through conscious movements

  • The principles of gypsy dance and music

  • Dance, celebrate, eat, laugh, do art, see art, meditate and experience life with us!



July, 3rd__________



Introduction  to the program



July, 4th__________



Meal followed by a Siesta 


Dinner in the morisque Village Frigiliana 


July, 5th__________



Lunch on the way

Trip to Granada, Alhambra and Tablao de Flamenco 

Dinner in Granada 

July, 6th__________



Meal followed by a Siesta 

Visiting Nerja  

Dinner in Nerja

July, 7th__________



Meal followed by a siesta

Visiting Malaga and its Morisque secrets

Hammam, the real Baño

Dinner in Malaga

July, 8th__________



Lunch followed by a siesta



July, 9th__________



Lunch followed by siesta

Preparations for Great Offerings

Spontaneous dinner party!

July, 10th__________


Group Sharing


The Facilitators


Victoria Ivanova

Dancer, choreographer, teacher Victoria was born in Siberia, Russia and moved to Andalusia (Spain) where she has lived for more than 10 years developing her artistic career. For the brief periods of times she lived in France and  Argentina; then another 10 years in Milan (Italy) working as artistic director and teacher at MetissArt Danza; now she permanently lives in NYC.

She has been working and collaborating with the international Duende Dance project for more than 15 years. She's s a member of the Dance Company "Salamantras" (Gypsy Duende) which toured alongside the famous violinist Roby Lokatos. She is the  organizer of events and cultural projects in Europe, producer of the Costa del Sol Dance Festival that has been held for 7 editions in Malaga (Spain). She is a dancer of “Russiyana” Russian Character Dance Company on tour in Russia and Italy.

Victoria was invited to participate as an artist and model in television programs and commercials; to festivals, embassies, congresses, etc.

She is a dancer who brings her art to the world, transmitting to the people happiness, magic, love for life, for dance and for themselves. More on:  www.victoriaivanova.org

Tiffani Gyatso

Is a Brazilian artist and the first western artist to study at the Norbulingka Institute, India (2003-06) the sacred art of Tibetan Buddhism, Thangka. Years later, she took specializations in Islamic Geometry at the Prince School in London (2016-19) and Graphic Design at CT Training Schule, Germany (2001) and consistently practices Zen painting with Alok, her Chinese teacher. Since 2016 she has included the experience of dance as self-investigation and combustion in a body of creativity taught by her teacher Yumma Mudra from Danza Duende.

She executed and coordinated the paintings of the Buddhist temple in Viamao, RS (2007-12) in the community of Lama Padma Samten. She founded Atelier YabYum, an art retreat center in the mountains of Extrema, Brazil. She offers workshops throughout Brazil, Peru, Chile, USA, India and Nepal where she guides groups annually. In addition to the traditional arts, she develops her contemporary works which include horses to stimulate her perception of the senses and creates from an intuitive and self-investigating space, translating into personal codes that become art with great beauty and sensitivity. Know more: www.tiffanigyatso.com

Instagram: @tiffani_gyatso and @mandalas_online


About the venue

The Venue is also known as the "Little Alhambra" Chalet


The magical house, with pool, garden and Moorish patios, where this retreat is going to be offered, not far from the little town of Frajiliana, it's a small reproduction of the Alhambra Palace of Granada, built by the famous architect Bernardo Pozuelo. It is wonderful place between the sea and the mountains, with a panoramic view of the Costa del Sol. 

Frigiliana is a historic white town, famous for its Moorish beauty that had the National Beauty Award for the most beautiful towns in Spain. Every summer it hosts the famous Festival of Three Cultures, music, dance and cultural events related to the Jewish, Orthodox and Muslim cultures, which have lived together for many centuries in this town.

It is located 60 km from Malaga and 110 km from Granada, 200 km from Seville.

How to get there:

Most common is to fly over into Madrid. But if you can fly to Malaga, that would be best.

Though from Madrid to Malaga there is also the possibility to get the train or bus.

From Malaga, you can get a bus or driver to Nerja (1h drive) and from Nerja you will be picked up by us. 

The cheapest way of travelling from Malaga to Nerja is by bus. Most buses leave from the main bus station in Malaga city, located about 1 km southeast of the city centre, right next to the train station. There are many departures throughout the day. There are also some departures from the port area

to whom is this retreat for


Victoria and Tiffani have been offering retreats and workshops for several years in many different countries and have extensive experience with large groups, being in different places speaking many languages. This time both artists come together for the first time, combining their gifts of art and dance. They have in common the same teacher Yumma Mudra and their own deep knowledge associated with a specific art manifestation of the Andalusian culture. 

Victoria has lived many years in the same house which will be serving us as the venue for our retreat and that adds a lot to the ease and value to afford reasonably this wonderful place. 

This retreat will surely receive many of their students, who already follow their courses, but it's happily open to any new person, women, men or couples to join us this week.

We will be learning about drawing geometry and being able to be creative with it, producing beautiful pieces to take home. We will know more about the soul of flamenco, let our hearts be touched by the cries of poetry, rythm and movement, even if you have never danced or singed, the idea is to rejoice. We will take some short and longer excursions and our goal is to awaken the heart with the power of art, dance and the coming together of many alike.


For more info or to Sign up, write to: khurushaschool@gmail.com 

And Portuguese speakers, can write to: arteperegrina@gmail.com

The cities and towns we'll visit


Malaga, the birth place of Picasso.

Granada, rich in Persian art influence and architecture and the heart of authentic Flamenco.

Nerja, near the cost with beautiful beach.

Frijiliana, is part os the circle of the "Most beautiful towns of Spain". 

More about our picked themes

What is Islamic sacred geometry? 

And what will we learn?

Sacred geometry is the study of shapes in nature noticing a pattern repeated in different things, like hexagons in honey combs and in snow flakes, or a pentagonal star formed by the five petals of a jasmin flower or our five fingers and again in the orbit on Venus in relation to the Earth every 8 years. 

We say it is sacred because is the matrix of what sustains and promotes life in the universe. We are able to take these harmonious geometry and formulas and make art. 

Islamic cultures uses geometry in its art and architecture with great enthusiasm and great skill, as it is said that the divine language can be best manifested in the perfection of mathematical principles and geometrical patterns as the best representation of it. 

In the beginning of our retreat we will visit the Alhambra Palace, where we will be able to contemplate such art and inspire our next creations back to our private place. 

With a compass in ruler we will start from a blank paper to learn how to construct some of the designs we saw on the murals of Alhambra. With the skills you'll learn, you will be able to continue creating at home with the few rules of sacred geometry you have learned during these days.

See here more Sacred Mandalas by Tiffani Gyatso


What is a Tablao and how Flamenco is part of Andalusia? 

A tablao is a place where flamenco shows are performed and is also the term used for the platform floor in which a flamenco dancer dances.

Flamenco is an original art of Andalusia, the result of the influence and miscegenation of various cultures such as gypsy, Arab, Christian and Jewish. It integrates music, song and dance and, at present, this artistic expression is appreciated and practiced all over the world. Known for its great emotional intensity, for the charge of feelings that artists print in the interpretations, flamenco was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

In one of our days during this magical week in Andalusia, we will take you to our favorite Tablao! Can't wait! Olé!

Inspired by Flamenco dance and music, Victoria Ivanova will gently and also passionately translate to us the meaning of the precision of movements and the spontaneous expression which any of us is capable of finding in one's body. One does not need to be a dancer at all, but surely be ready to let yourself be on fire of celebrating, dance and a body of rejoicing. 

Hammam - cleaning the senses

The tradition of bathing is an integral part of Middle Eastern and North African culture, often taking place in beautiful old bath-houses. Bathing is as much a place to gather and talk, as it is a place to relax and clean yourself.

If you haven’t yet heard of hammam, you are bound to soon. This treatment makes itself known around the world for being a relaxing and cleansing Moroccan ritual that is centuries old.


Hammam differs slightly from the traditional thermal spa. While both are profoundly relaxing and good for the skin, rather than using thermal waters, hammam treatments use hot steam to encourage a deep and invigorating cleanse.


Alhambra Palace, Granada

It is a rich palace complex and fortress, which housed the monarch of the Nacerid dynasty and the court of the Kingdom of Granada. Its real attraction, like other Muslim works of the time, are the interiors, whose decoration is at the height of Islamic art. This important Spanish tourist attraction displays the most famous elements of Islamic architecture in the country, along with 16th century Christian structures and later interventions in buildings and gardens that mark its image as it can be seen today.


Inside the Alhambra grounds is the Palace of Charles V, a palace built by Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire in 1527. Together with its neighbors Generalife (a villa that includes extensive gardens and vegetable gardens) and the Albaicín district, it constitutes the site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list "Alhambra, Generalife and Albaicín, Granada".


Early-bird 'till April 16th : Euro 940,00

After April 16th: Euro 990,00

To sign up and know more about payment methods, please contact us at 

vikisibir@yahoo.es  or arteperegrina@gmail.com

Whats included

  • Pick up at Nerja 

  • 7 nights (only double room option)

  • All meals taken at the vila

  • Art and dance activities

  • Transportation for our daily excursions

  • :)) Entrance to the Alhambra Palace

  • :)) A real treat to the original Hamman Bath

  • :)) Tickets to a unforgetable Tablao show! Olé!

What’s not included:

  • Air ticket from where you are coming from

  • Travel Insurance

  • Meals taken outside the villa

  • Transportation from Malaga Airport to Nerja


  • We are aware of the situation in the world with the pandemic and will consider all policies applied in Spain, and cancelation of the retreat will only be under two circumstances: foreigners and prohibited to enter Spain and if we do not reach our minimum of 6 people until April 30th. In the case of both situations we will give back any payment made by participants.


  • We do request a negative COVID-19 test no older then 3 days to participate in this retreat and hope everyone participating will be safe and relaxed. More than any other time, being responsible for oneself is to consider all others too.