Atelier YabYum, Extrema, MG - Brasil

With  Tiffani Gyatso  &  Tammy Aires


Feb. 25 to March.2

Art Alchemy - An Art and Transformation Retreat

Transmuting emotions into nectar and offering


Turning emotions into nectar and offering

Through the dancing body

Through the heart that paints

Through the wheel that turns

and the voice that sings

We'll cook, distill, mix and burn…

All the dark emotions in the cauldron of the soul

And let us be nourished

Giving voice and form to the unspoken 

with grace and laughter we shall be transformed.

This retreat is open to all people, men and women with or without artistic or bodily experience, to immerse themselves in the intangible universe of their emotions and learn precious tools to create a personal and intimate vocabulary to dialogue with our shadows and understand their gold they keep us in the dark but fertile places of our soul. * We will be speaking Portuguese mostly but of we will be translating all what is needed to know for all activities, no one will be left out! :))


What we will offer these days will be the content of all our life's work, joining the art that arises from our body that dances, sings and cries, to the dyed paper and the interaction for performance, where we can become the work . There is a consistent but non-linear sequence for opening these channels of expression, some of the tools we will be using:


  • Silent, active meditation and bodily expression (reaching points where psychic energy blocks parts of the physical through catharsis).

  • Intuitive painting (accessing the archetypes of the unconscious)

  • Zen painting (creating from spontaneous emptiness)

  • Collage and installation (developing personal codes)

  • Writing (accessing the amoral secrets)

  • Dance, music and singing (celebrating life-death-life)

  • Walking and meditation in nature (simple presence)

  • Connecting with horses (reconnecting with wild energy)

  • Bonfire and cocoa ceremony (realigning our motivations, honoring dreams and creating a round union between brothers and sisters)

  • Final Offering (becoming the Magnus Work)

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TIFFANI GYATSO | Artista e Alquimista


First westerner to study at the Norbulingka Institute, India (2003-06) the sacred art of Tibetan Buddhism, Thangka. Years later, he took specializations in Islamic Geometry at the Prince School in London (2016-19) and Graphic Design at CT training Schule, Germany (2001) and consistently practices Zen painting with Alok, his Chinese teacher. Since 2016, he has included the experience of dance as self-knowledge and combustion in a body of creativity by Choreosophy University.


Executed and coordinated the paintings of the Buddhist temple in Viamao, RS (2007-12) in the community of Lama Padma Samten. He founded Atelier YabYum, an art retreat center in the mountains of Extrema, MG. He offers workshops throughout Brazil, Peru, Chile, USA, India and Nepal where he guides groups annually.


In addition to the traditional sacred arts of the East, she develops her contemporary works which include horses to stimulate her perception of the senses and create from an intuitive and self-investigation space, translating into personal codes that become art with great beauty and sensitivity.

TAMMY AIRES | Artista e Designer

The performative body is the axis of her research, which contemplates the immaterial expression of dance and the materiality of painting, as a remaining trace of the artist's active presence. His poetics orbits through transpassions, release from invisible prisons and the untamed wild universe.


The language of these themes varies from video-performance, photography, painting, drawing, text, installation and live actions, co-existing or living one inside the other, to expand the expressive potential of his work.


Studied at the University of Choreosophy, in Girona - Spain, studied "Museums, dances and visual arts in the 20th and 21st centuries" by MASP (Modern Art Museum of São Paulo), Education in "Natural Gynecology" by Medicinal Nature in Atibaia. He is part of the international network of artists "Danza Duende Network" and of the collective "Roteiro de Ateliês". He participated in the artistic residency at Ateliê Alex Vallauri, at the Fundação Nacional de Artes, where he held exhibitions, live performances and recorded for the web series.

"Every human being - every one, carries a secret pain

Pain wants to find ways to express itself

To understand and find oneself

And go back to being music

and go back to being dance and a work of art

And go back to celebrating and knowing that your presence in the world is not pain It's an offering."

- Tiffani Gyatso

Day 25/2: Arrival from 15:00 on accommodate and welcome, dinner.


Day 2/2 to 3/1:

7h       Tao Tien Meditation in the Temple

7.30    Breakfast

9 - 12 Retreat Activity

12 - 2 Lunch and break

2:00 - 5:00 Retreat Activity

5:00 - 7:00 Bath and rest

7h    Meditation in the dark with Yasha

8 pm   dinner

9 pm    silence and sleep


Day 2/3

7:00 am Silent Meditation

7:30 am Breakfast

9 am Sharing and farewell ​


Schedules and sequencing can change, we are highly spontaneous and possibly unpredictable so that activities can really serve what arises from the energy of the group ;)

International guests are expected to arrive as many days before he or she wishes and also stay over for more days. Each additional days with all meals costs R$170 per day and you'll support the community :)


GENERAL Information


R$2.400 (reais) in cash for international guests

Includes five overnights, 3 vegetarian meals a day plus coffee break, all art materials and activities

Extra nights with meals: R$170 per day



SIGN IN: To confirm your interest or ask any question write to:

* COVID-19 1 or 2 days old COVID Test before arrival sent to

Local: Atelier YabYum, no sítio Retiro Tao Tien, 18km da cidade de Extrema e 120km de São Paulo

HOW TO GET HERE: You should fly to GRU Guarulhos airport. From there take our recommended uber driver straight to the mountain. This travel takes about 1h45. Costs around R$220. If you arrive late at night we recommend sleeping in a nearby hotel and arriving at the Retiro at day light.

ACOMODATION: we are not a resort or hotel, we are a retreat place run by family and volunteers. We DO NOT have private rooms. All rooms will be shared with 2 or 3 more people same sex. We have 5 rooms in totaly and 3 bathrooms to share. Bring your own towels and higiene kit. 

PREPARE: comfortable clothes of 1 change of black clothes. 1 change of white clothes. 1 change of red clothes. Socks or slippers to use inside the space. Walking shoes. 1 towel. personal hygiene kit. Warm clothes for the night.

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